History of Wrought Iron

History of Wrought Iron


History of Wrought Iron : 
Today we are going to talk about the old handicrafts, as you see the old grand buildings whose beauty is increasing their doors and windows. Let’s take a look at its history
Iron metal was manufactured in East Asia in 500 (five hundred) BC. It is also called Iron Age in history. In those days iron was used for tools and weapons.

When the iron furnace was built in 1700, it revolutionized Europe. The construction work of iron began to spread rapidly. This work continued till 1924. James Aston created the special process. Gradually, there was a decrease in its construction. Some other metal started replacing iron.

Many skilled craftsmen left their special mark in the work of iron. But this timeless working style and which still hypnotizes the people associated with the mythological world. Even today we see it as a legacy. In India, this art is still seen in the showroom of Shri Ram Grill and the iron gate is constructed on special request.

History of Wrought Iron
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